This site,, is designed as an online bookstore, where the reader can find the printed books,
as well as the e-books ready to download.

Primarily this is a Monfakira initiative, so the readers will naturally get the books published by Monfakira from here,
along with some more books published by and some other publishers.

The readers can purchase the printed books from here by paying the required amount through Debit Card or Credit Card.
Then the books will be sent directly to her/him by Registered Post.

The readers can also download the available e-books directly from here by paying a certain amount of money,
but to read the writings published here as blog, you have to pay nothing at all.

This site is designed to deliver books from different sources,
even anyone interested to publish through this site, may contact us.

Lastly, we request our readers to share the book downloaded from here with their friends,
but please DO NOT SHARE those in any other site or in social networking sites.

That’s all. Happy reading.